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Understanding the Differences between a Canadian Pharmacy with a License and the Fake Online Pharmacy

There has been a growing concern about the fake internet pharmacies. Due to the growth of the fake internet pharmacies, the pharmaceutical industry termed is as a worldwide disaster. It will be vital that you first confirm that the online pharmacy is valids so that you can go ahead an order from the site. It will be important for you to take any report that you get from the pharmaceutical industry with a lot of care. They tend to use fear to scare away people from purchasing from the Canadian online pharmacies.

It will be best for you to get to understand how you can differentiate the real Canadian pharmacies from the fake internet pharmacies. Take the time to carefully go through the website of the pharmacy before anything else. When you go through the website of the pharmacy, you will get to know; the physical address of the pharmacy, the body of regulation that oversees their operations, and also their license number. When you go to the site of the regulatory body, you will get to see all the pharmacies that are under them.

Ensure that there is also a phone number included in the site that you can use to call the pharmacy. It is important that there is always a pharmacist available to talk to you about the order you want to make. It will be vital for you to ask for the license number and the credentials of the pharmacist. You can then use the pharmacy regulator to confirm the license number that you have been given.

It will also be great for you to look for the Canadian International Pharmacy Association seal. You will find that this is the institution that represents the online Canadian pharmacies that are genuine. However, just seeing the seal in their website is not a guarantee when it is on its own. The fake online pharmacies have been known to hijack the CIPA seal and put it on their site. You can only get to prove that the pharmacy is real by searching through the CIPA website. If the pharmacy is fake, it will not be listed in the website.

Take the time to look for the PharmacyChecker seal when you are going through the website of the Canadian pharmacy. As a matter of fact, these pharmacies cannot get to make any advertisements on Google if they do not have the seal. Ensure that the pharmacy you buy the medicines from will first ask you for a prescription from the physician. If a site does not ask for a prescription then it is not a legitimate Canadian pharmacy.

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