Accessible Europe Holiday And Disabled Wheelchair Vacation By Sage Traveling

Sage Traveling provides customized, hassle-free, accessible Europe holiday packages to numerous European destinations. Sage Traveling experts have done extensive research on accessibility at European hotels, tourist attractions, and transportation. Sage Traveling will use this extensive accessibility knowledge to create an accessible Europe holiday tailored to your individual abilities, energy level, and interests.

Custom Accessible Trip Planning
Accessible hotel – The Sage Travel Agents will provide you with a hotel that meets your accessibility needs. You will have your preference on type of hotel and location. We will provide you descriptions of accessible hotels to choose from and make the reservation for you.

Accessibility information on tourist attractions – You will be provided with a detailed accessibility description of all of the major tourist attractions. The description will include:
– the location of an accessible entrance
– an accessibility description of the toilet
– an estimate of how much of the attraction is accessible to your mobility needs
– the opening and closing times
– the price of admission

Transportation – Sage Traveling will provide you with accessible transportation options for you to choose from on your accessible holiday in Europe. Many cities have extensive accessible bus systems for you to use. Accessible subways, trams, trains, taxis, and rental vans are also available in some cities. Sage Traveling will provide you with accessible public transportation maps and suggestions about which lines to use to get to each tourist sight. We can arrange for an accessible van if one is available in your destination city.

Daily itinerary
Your customized itinerary for each day of your trip will take into account:
– Your energy level and mobility needs
– Proximity of sights to each other
– Which days the attraction is closed
– Your interests

The itinerary for each day will provide you with:
– Information about tourist sight accessibility
– Details about moving between sights
– Flexibility and alternatives in case of bad weather, getting tired of museums, etc

Useful accessibility phrases – After a dozen trips to Europe in a wheelchair, our disabled travel experts can tell you which phrases are absolutely necessary, slightly helpful, and not worth your time. You will be provided with 300+ accessibility phrases for use on your trip.

Maps – Your accessibility packet will contain city overview maps, public transportation maps, and daily maps enabling you to easily navigate your way around your destination.

Disabled Travel Tips – We provide all Sage Traveling clients with a copy of our 101 Essential Accessible Holiday Travel Tips for Europe Sage Traveling which will have you traveling like an expert!

Sage Traveling experts will answer any remaining questions you have about disabled travel in Europe.

The accessibility information, itinerary, and maps will be neatly organized and assembled in a notebook that will be mailed to you.

Sage Traveling offers accessible holidays in Europe including Amsterdam, Athens, Avignon, Barcelona, Berlin, Bruges, Brussels, Dublin, Edinburgh, Florence, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Milan, Monaco, Normandy, Paris, Prague, Rome, Santorini, Seville, Venice, Versailles, and more.

For more information on accessible Europe holiday and other info Contact us. We will provide you with a quote for your trip. Sage Traveling experts will answer any remaining questions you have about disabled travel to Europe.

We make your dream accessible vacation in Europe a reality!