A day in Amsterdam: the best shopping and dining spots

Amsterdam is an all-time favorite for many a fan of shopping. Big brands, international chains, local designers and the vintage shops: all of them go side by side in Amsterdam!


The city’s main shopping streets happen to be Leidsestraat and Kalverstraat, both are lined with major international stores, fast food chains, fashion brands etc. You can easily spend a whole day here without ever getting bored.

If you are like an “alternative shopper”, then head to Nine Streets or the Jordaan district. There, you will find unique jewellery shops, home decoration storesas well as quirky boutiques, as well as the vintage shops and cozy restaurants.

Amsterdam is also home of too many open-air markets where you’ll find a variety of reasonable souvenirs and jewels, vintage goods or even dress. Marketplaces worth visiting comprise the flea market of the Waterloo Square as well as the Albert Cuypmarkt.

Still haven’t seen enough? Stroll atthe P.C. Hooftstraat, the fanciest shopping street of Amsterdam lined with expensive boutiques. Amsterdam is undoubtedly the commercial capital of the Netherlands, which offers a wide range of options for buyers of all tastes, from large shopping centers to exclusive antique boutiques or vintage stores.

The nine streets (De StraatjesNegen)

Located in the heart of the historic canal district of the city, this area called StraatjetNeges, or the nine narrow streets, was built during the seventeenth century. The nine streets cross the main canals between Leidsestraat and the Jordaan neighborhood and are full of restaurants, cafes, art galleries, jewelers, boutiques and vintage shops. With a wide range of styles, trends and prices, this area is a true paradise for all buyers. The streets that connect the three main channels: Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht are the areas where you can find a lot of interesting and fun shops.

Restaurant in Amsterdam

After shopping in Amsterdam you will again be mesmerized with the cafes and restaurants.

Café De Jaren – When the sun is out, you can enjoy a meal or a drink out on the canal terrace. The bright and roomy café offers low-cost dishes such as salmon, lasagne and ramen noodles. It even has a refreshing salad buffet.

Sumo – All you can have are sushi and the Japanese food wait at the Sumo restaurant. restaurant chain has 3branchesin Amsterdam, which are often fully booked, so make sure you book your table in advance!

If you are interested in flowers or plants, or want to take a snapshot of the famous Dutch tulips, visit the Flower Market or Bloemenmarkt, the only floating flower market in the world. All these options you can make use of now and that also within the budget that you have. This is surely a very important aspect of the whole process.

Air Travel Tips Traveling with Electronics

On this day in age, it appears as if everybody at least once piece of electronic equipment with them, always at any time. That electronic equipment may perhaps include a cell phone, pager, laptop or Own Digital Assistant, PDA normally known. Should you are an individual who travels regularly with one or a lot more of these electronic goods is a excellent chance you eat when you board an airplane. If it could have, there’s the possibility they interested in regardless of whether a breach on the rules of aviation.

When it comes towards provision that the electronics are prohibited aboard an airplane, you’ll notice that practically all are welcome. While this area is usually a good idea to examine within your airline or the airport in advance. Like most electronic devices are expensive, do not arrive to the airport only to study that it’s forbidden to eat all your belongings, especially additional pricey than most electronic devices.

As already mentioned, quite a few people keep a cell phone or pager with them at all times. All cell phones and pagers are permitted aboard the aircraft. In addition to that allowed on board, they are kept in hand luggage. Your cell phone or pager, like most electronic devices of others is suspect, inspection, if applicable.

Notebooks and Own Virtual Assistants, PDAs, as known, are also permitted on board aircraft. It’s also feasible to store it inside your hand luggage in case you wish. If they are stored in their hand luggage, your laptop or personal information assistant machine are going to be scanned from the rest of one’s luggage. This alternative is safe and not damage your computer.

Although the alternative is safe for most electronic equipment not for everyone. It is feasible that his film, in particular film, which has not been created by X-ray machines is also destroyed in case you need to store a camera in hand, you shall notify the security from the airport. Have other options, the camera or the film material to control. Other recording devices, like digital cameras or video cameras are also permitted on board an aircraft in their hand luggage. It is for these items safely go from the technique of X-ray Imaging

As said above, most electronic components is also stored up in their cabin baggage or checked baggage. In case you desire to be in a position to store items inside your baggage, you ought to do this. It’s no secret that checked baggage around for a quantity of various methods triggered. With high-priced electronic equipment, your pc is much less possibly to become damaged if you are responsible for their care. Along with reducing the damage, most airlines restrict the use of luggage locks. This means it can be fascinating to store costly equipment in their luggage, especially in case you don’t block. Honestly, you in no way know who can entry it.

Keep the more than facts in mind, you need to be able to neatly packaged for your next trip, regardless of whether that trip is really a organization trip. Although most organizations no restrictions on the electronic equipment you bring on board you’ll see that the use of these products is often limited. Many airlines do to make your video camera, cell phone, pager, PDA or laptop during the specified times.

Why Are Luxury Retreats So Popular Right Now?

When it comes to opening doors to beauty, few things come close to what is available right now through luxury retreats. You can find them all around the world, ranging from luxury apartment rentals in Barcelona to exotic retreats in Caribbean Islands. They are available during winters and summers and tend to offer so much more than what people initially imagine.

In the past years luxury retreats constantly gained popularity. This is due to various different reasons. The most important ones are presented below.


We are talking about luxury retreats so the price is definitely not the most important thing to consider but it is still something of high interest for many. Some time ago it was quite difficult to afford luxury retreats because of the fact that everything was incredibly expensive. Nowadays, things are different as the competition is simply huge. We are looking at numerous opportunities, with prices that are much lower than what was reality in the past.

Luxury retreats are more affordable than ever. The competition led to more amenities offered and new retreats were built in key exotic locations in literally every corner of the world.

All Amenities You Can Imagine

It does not really matter what luxury amenities you are interested in since they are going to be available for you. Everything that you dream of is now available. This includes flat screen HD TV sets, comfortable bedrooms, kitchens that are fully equipped, personal chefs, DVD systems, outdoor pools, indoor pools, modern home theater systems, Jacuzzis, gyms, steam rooms, hot tubs, games rooms and outdoor entertainment options.

Before you book any luxury rental, be sure that you check the list of amenities. See if there are extras that could be offered on-demand, like the possibility to have a world-renowned chef cook for you. The sky is truly the limit in regards to amenities you can take advantage of.

Incredible Views

These are not called retreats for no reason. Numerous renters just want to relax. Having a perfect view while you zip your morning coffee is definitely a wonderful experience you are going to appreciate. With this in mind, most luxury retreats are placed in areas that offer simply picture-perfect views.

Most of the retreats will be located in really prime locations, close to what families love. Children are almost always welcomed and there are numerous activities available for any member of the family. Basically, these offer luxury, privacy, space and flexibility. No matter what your tastes are, ranging from excitement to adventure, tranquility and peace. Rental vacation houses can offer the experience you are interested in.

Vacation houses are particularly attractive for those that have smaller children. They include dryers, washers and all the amenities you could imagine. Unlike hotels, where clothes are packed in hordes, you can enjoy luxurious amenities right in your home with luxury rentals.

How To Find Great Luxury Retreats

There is no shortage of incredibly luxury retreats available literally anywhere you would want to go. However, finding that perfect spot for you and your family is not that simple. You will need to learn all that you can about available options in order to make the perfect choice.

We can mention many different things that you can do if you want to find wonderful luxury retreats. Some of the best tips to consider include:

  • Only work with companies that are specialized in luxury accommodation. They tend to know everything that people are interested in and will normally give you that extra attention you surely want. Prices also tend to be better with them as they are specialized in luxury rentals.
  • Read reviews before you consider a deal. The online world is filled with opportunities for tourists to review every single accommodation that they stayed at. You can take advantage of this and see what past tourists have to say about the rental opportunities considered.
  • Never be hurried into a decision. In many cases people just book the very first luxury rental they find. This is a very bad idea since you might miss out on some opportunities.
  • Consider only the listings that have numerous pictures presented on websites. You want to see as much as possible from the retreat you will hire. At the same time, do look for videos. They might be available on YouTube.
  • Check prices if you book ahead or if you will stay for a longer time. Many luxury retreats give some discount for longer stay, although not as much as with other accommodation options available.
  • Location always matters. Think about how you are going to reach the destinations you are mostly interested in and transportation options. See if you need to rent a car of if this is not something you want so you want to find a rental closer to a popular tourist attraction.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous luxury retreats that you can choose from, no matter where you want to go to right now. The best choice for others may not be the best one for you so do conduct a good research. If you hurry, you surely end up making bad choices. Find those that perfectly match all your desires, ranging from available amenities to what type of views you want to see during your stay. You will quickly realize that there is something that is truly special and that will meet the criteria you set for your retreat.

The flight attendant’s guide on how to pack light for air travel

We can’t deny the fact that the world’s most experienced travelers are the flight attendants as they’re the ones who are always traveling from one place to another. They are the best people who can give you the finest tricks and tips as long as packing the most appropriate suitcase is concerned. They always have a well-kept secret on what to take and what not to take so that you’re not burdened with luggage.

Though there are luggage stores in local shops like Luggagehero.com which allow you a secured option of keeping them for a while, you should still try your best to pack light to reduce your stress. Here are few things you should know of.

What’s the trick of maximising real estate of your suitcase?

When you pack for each day, it is great to opt for packing cubes as they even help your clothes from getting creased and crushed. Even though you dig your bag to find out something, your clothes won’t get crushed. Put the heavier things at the bottom of the suitcase which is the rear end where the wheels lie. Most flight attendants put toiletries and shoes there and this creates the difference in weight.

Which shoes to carry and how should you pack them?

Flip-flops are undoubtedly the most useful and comfy shoes. Besides the fact that they take no space, they’re even perfect for beachwear and you can team it up with any short dress. Also carry a nice pair of flats which look great with dresses and pants. If you feel like taking a beautiful walk in the evening around the city, you can wear those flats. In case there is a bulkier shoe that you need to carry, save space by wearing them rather than packing them in.

What kind of suitcase is the perfect one for traveling light?

Most flight attendants hate to see rolling and folded garment bags as they rarely fit inside the overhead compartments due to the extremely limited space. Hence, in case you’re not flying with first-class tickets and you’re carrying one of the folded bags, you can expect it to be checked in with baggage so that the suits are delivered wrinkled and creased. Hence, it is always better to think twice before choosing your travel bag.

Should you always carry a swim suit?

Well, yes, you should always carry a bathing suit with you, particularly when you reside in cold climate as you rarely get a chance to flaunt your swim suits. Bring a small one in your carry-on bag and they won’t be much of a problem as they take up very little space. In this bag, you can also carry your USB charger ports and those extra gadgets which take up small space.

Therefore, whenever you’re traveling on a plane, make sure you remember the above mentioned tips offered by the flight attendants. They will just love it if you pack in this manner.

Ethiopia As A Travel Destination

Learn how to travel Ethiopia safely and pleasantly. By contacting a professional travel agent in Ethiopia, you can expect to have a cheaper international flight to the country, cheaper local flights, better and cheaper hotels, well-versed tour guides, etc.

Ethiopia is a popular African destination, which is known to have ‘thirteen months of sun per year’, as one of its slogans says. Indeed, there are more than 345 sunny days a year and the sky above the country is absolutely clear. However, the heat is not as strong as in the surrounding countries due to higher altitude, which makes the climate more attractive for tourism.

Aksum is the capital of the ancient Axumite kingdom, which was ruled by the Solomonides dynasty, who considered themselves to be the descendants of King Solomon. The city has the aura of antiquity. There is a story that the Ethiopian king Menelik took the legendary Ark from Jerusalem, and since then it has been secretly kept in the church of Virgin Mary in Aksum.

The City of Gondar, located to the north of Lake Tana, used to be the capital of the Ethiopian Empire until the middle of the 19th century. It is reminiscent of the castles of the 16th century, and serves as a huge historical museum. Not far from Gondar, there is a complex of monasteries dating back to the 13th-15th centuries, in which there are several shrines of Ethiopian Orthodox Church, including the miraculous pool which cures women from infertility.

In Harer, there is an interesting governor’s palace, Coptic Church, and several mosques. In Dire Dawa, there is a huge market, where one can buy local souvenirs.

Addis Ababa, the capital of the country, is famous for the palace of Emperor Menelik II, the Coptic Church of St. George, ‘The Palace of Africa’ with magnificent glass windows, the famous open-air market Mercato, the Archaeological Museum, and the Art Museum.

Lalibela is the city which hosts some of the main attractions of the country. For many centuries, it has been a religious center and a pilgrimage site. On its territory there are 11 temples, carved into the rocks. The largest of these temples is the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

The most revered of the temples is the Temple of Virgin Mary, where the windows are made in the form of Roman and Greek crosses. The Church of St. George, the patron of the Ethiopians, was carved out as a single unit in the rock. The roof of the church is located at ground level, the church itself is in a deep pit, and it can only be reached through a tunnel. The national parks of the country are located on the Awash River and Lake Abiyata. These are the places with rich fauna, ranging from hippos and lions to a sufficiently large number of birds.

Lake Tana is situated in the north of Ethiopia. It is one of the main natural attractions of the country, from where the Blue Nile originates. In addition to Lake Tana, there are small scenic lakes in the south of Ethiopia, the largest of which is Lake Abaya.

Recreation in Ethiopia gives you a chance to admire the famous Semien Mountains, a magnificent natural attraction of this colorful African country. The mountains are part of the Simien National Park, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. For millennia, the mountains were exposed to earthquakes and winds, which resulted in the perfect scenery of romantic mountain peaks, deep valleys and formidable gorges. The Semien ranges are especially beautiful and mysterious at night, when the moon gives them truly unforgettable shapes. Travelers will find here deep canyons and gorges, beautiful waterfalls, mysterious mountain forests, alpine meadows and untrodden mountain trails full of adventures.