The flight attendant’s guide on how to pack light for air travel

We can’t deny the fact that the world’s most experienced travelers are the flight attendants as they’re the ones who are always traveling from one place to another. They are the best people who can give you the finest tricks and tips as long as packing the most appropriate suitcase is concerned. They always have a well-kept secret on what to take and what not to take so that you’re not burdened with luggage.

Though there are luggage stores in local shops like which allow you a secured option of keeping them for a while, you should still try your best to pack light to reduce your stress. Here are few things you should know of.

What’s the trick of maximising real estate of your suitcase?

When you pack for each day, it is great to opt for packing cubes as they even help your clothes from getting creased and crushed. Even though you dig your bag to find out something, your clothes won’t get crushed. Put the heavier things at the bottom of the suitcase which is the rear end where the wheels lie. Most flight attendants put toiletries and shoes there and this creates the difference in weight.

Which shoes to carry and how should you pack them?

Flip-flops are undoubtedly the most useful and comfy shoes. Besides the fact that they take no space, they’re even perfect for beachwear and you can team it up with any short dress. Also carry a nice pair of flats which look great with dresses and pants. If you feel like taking a beautiful walk in the evening around the city, you can wear those flats. In case there is a bulkier shoe that you need to carry, save space by wearing them rather than packing them in.

What kind of suitcase is the perfect one for traveling light?

Most flight attendants hate to see rolling and folded garment bags as they rarely fit inside the overhead compartments due to the extremely limited space. Hence, in case you’re not flying with first-class tickets and you’re carrying one of the folded bags, you can expect it to be checked in with baggage so that the suits are delivered wrinkled and creased. Hence, it is always better to think twice before choosing your travel bag.

Should you always carry a swim suit?

Well, yes, you should always carry a bathing suit with you, particularly when you reside in cold climate as you rarely get a chance to flaunt your swim suits. Bring a small one in your carry-on bag and they won’t be much of a problem as they take up very little space. In this bag, you can also carry your USB charger ports and those extra gadgets which take up small space.

Therefore, whenever you’re traveling on a plane, make sure you remember the above mentioned tips offered by the flight attendants. They will just love it if you pack in this manner.