Traveling to Sveti Vlas, Bulgaria

St. Vlas – one of the youngest resort in Bulgaria, which in recent years, successfully competing with the noisy and crowded Sunny Beach. It is believed that the resort town of Sveti Vlas was formed at the site of an ancient Thracian tribes founded settlements in II. BC, and called, by some historical records, Larissa. Its present name – St. Vlas – the village was in the XIV century in honor of Veles, protector of herdsmen and traders. Legends of the Holy tell about many of persecution and torture, which he was subjected, for the sake of renouncing their faith. During the Ottoman expansion of the village called on the Turkish style, “Kucuk monastery” because of which was located in the vicinity of the village monasteries. Unfortunately, all of which were destroyed or left derelict at the turn of the XVIII century. Kept only the monastic church Blachernae and St. Andrew, which together with the set of skits make the neighborhood of the village into a significant artistic center. Today Vlas famous restored temple of St. Athanasius the Great, built in 1864-65, respectively. He was made for twenty-odd years before returning to its historical name of the village, which occurred after the unification of Bulgaria. Located at the foot of the eastern part of Stara Planina mountain range, some times to come creeping into the Black Sea coast, the resort is happy vacationers a unique cocktail of sea and mountain air is so useful for treating respiratory diseases. This is the only place in the region, where the air flow between the sea and the mountains effectively saturated with iodine ions. It is airborne natural marine aerosols has a positive effect on patients with asthma and other lung diseases, which creates an excellent reputation Sveti Vlas balneary. The coastline resort faces south and is a natural Riviera with numerous small bays, comfortable for swimming. The whole coast is divided into three separate beaches covered with fine golden sand. The biggest of them – center, about one kilometer in length and width of about 16 meters. Southern Exposure coast of St. Vlas offers spectacular views of the ancient town of Nessebar, where you can go for a walk on the sea. Use the services of local residents, walk down to the small fishing pier on the east coast of the village, or rent a yacht in the largest, at 1700 seats, the marina in Bulgaria, whose construction was completed in 2007. Those who prefer land travel will be pleasantly surprised by the excellent transport network. While in 45 minutes. drive from Bourgas International Airport (41.5 km.), 20 min. drive from the ancient town of Nessebar (10.4 km.) and only 9 minutes. drive from Sunny Beach resort (5 km). you can easily combine a stay in St. Vlas with sightseeing of ancient cities and entertainment resort villages. Buses, minibuses and taxis cheap at your service. Under the influence of the nearby Sunshine Coast, closer to the approaching St. Vlas, and the latter turns into a modern resort with numerous restaurants and entertainment venues. But unlike the noisy neighbor is quite calm and cozy atmosphere of a quiet resort, perfect for family holidays. Service features numerous private apart-hotels and villas built in recent years, allow you to enjoy relaxing on the golden beaches without the inevitable noise and crowding of large resorts. It should be added a myriad of cafes, restaurants and bars, offering guests a menu that will surprise even the most demanding gourmet. National dishes are richly represented in the restaurants “Monastery”, “Vodenitsa”, “Kambanite”, “Starata Melnitsa. Restaurant “Diamond” will amaze you with incredible views of the bay, and “Style-Bistro Veranda his inimitable interior in rustic style. Traditional Bulgarian hospitality of local people and great service fascinates and is the key to an enjoyable pastime. Crystal clear air, scenic mountain ranges, beautiful beaches, warm azure sea, modern hotels and a rich infrastructure – Saint Vlas is a small piece of paradise, charming even the most demanding guests. Visit it and take with me the unforgettable memories of a pleasant holiday in Bulgaria. – Your number one video guide to Bulgaria ia